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Routine Apointments

At Active Feet, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience which allows us to provide a huge range of foot pain treatments in Edinburgh and East Lothian. We have access to specialist equipment that helps us to identify the root cause of the ache or pain you are experiencing. With our team of experts, you are in the best hands possible and you can be sure that we will work hard to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Foot Injury Treatment

Our clinic specialises in a huge variety of foot injury treatment methods for a large range of injuries including sports injuries, plantar fasciitis, peroneal tendonitis, lateral foot, and pain to the heel, big toe, or foot area in general. At Active Feet, we will book you in for an initial consultation where we will carry out a full assessment on the areas causing you pain, as well as checks to your joints, neurological, and vascular systems. From this, we can determine your personalised footcare requirements and create a plan of action using this information. With the use of innovate technology, we pride ourselves on being able to establish how and why you are suffering with aches and pains. We offer honest, reliable, and personalised advice tailored to the specific injury you have and your typical daily activity on how to prevent your injury from becoming a recurring issue.

If you are seeking foot pain treatment in Edinburgh or require any further information about any of our services, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team works hard to ensure all of our patients feel at ease from the minute you pick up the phone, right up until your final aftercare consultation at Active Feet.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Biomechanics is the study and analysis of gait and human movement. Here at Podiatry Plus we observe patients for any alterations in the optimum sequence of events between the foot, the lower limb, and the rest of the body during the walking (running, cycling, skiing etc) phase. Deviations from the optimum, can lead to heel pain, foot strain, ankle, knee, hip, lower back and neck pain.

During your assessment we use the latest technology to collect data and provide the most detailed biomechanical analysis available within minutes and assists in involving you in your assessment.

With the help of orthotic devices, we can help you to walk, run and Live the Life you Love without pain. Suitably qualified professionals like us are best placed to advise you on these issues, and because we are not a ‘retailer’ the patient is always our first priority. We only offer advice based on a clinical need, not a sales target.

If you plan on attending for a biomechanical examination please remember to bring;

  • Your favourite/everyday shoes
  • Your running/sports shoes
  • Any previous/old orthoses
  • A pair of shorts

At the end of your assessment a full written report will be made available to you, which will include all findings and may include copies of images taken as part of the assessment.

After your My Injury consultation your podiatrist may suggest that you would benefit from wearing an orthotic.

Orthotics are prescription insoles which stabilise the foot holding it in the ideal position. Re-positioning the foot alters the angles at which the foot strikes the surface. Wearing orthotics can improve corns and calluses, ankle sprains and knee, hip and back pain.

At Podiatry Plus we have the facility to manufacture our own custom orthotics in house to ensure that you have exactly what you need to get you back to Living the Life You Love.

At Podiatry Plus we treat a number of sports injuries with various therapies including – biomechanical assessments, orthotic prescriptions, muscle stretching exercises, strapping and low level laser treatment.

For a routine podiatry appointment the only requirement is that nail varnish is removed prior. We’d also advise that you attend in the shoes that you wear most often, so we can assess if they may be contributing to any specific foot problem.

For a biomechanics appointment we ask that you come in (or change into) shorts so that we can assess your lower limbs properly and –

– Your favourite/everyday shoes

– Your running/sports shoes

– Any previous/old orthoses

Based on 22 reviews
Kevin Bruce
Kevin Bruce
Very professional and pleasant team at Active Feet. Highly recommended!
Moira O'Fee
Moira O'Fee
Can’t recommend Active Feet highly enough, their service is friendly, efficient and organised. Calvin in particular really helped me to resolve the issue I had with my foot. His assessment was thorough, treatment plan well-explained, and he was really friendly and personable.
David Warne
David Warne
I've had 2 appointments with Calvin and he has improved my walking and pain through the use of orthotics and exercises. I'm really impressed by the thorough assessment and follow up and the results I've had. This has been a hugely positive experience and Calvin and reception team are very professional and friendly. Would highly recommend
D Campbell
D Campbell
After spending a lot of time and money trying off the shelf orthotics, a couple of visits to Calvin at Active Feet, and professionally modified insoles, appears to have sorted the problem. I can't recommend him highly enough.
John Campbell
John Campbell
I cannot recommend this place highly enough. My son who is autistic had problems with his toe nails, he was seen by Jamie who was so good and patient with him. He took his time and talked him through what was happening putting my son at ease. Top class service.
Lee Skinner
Lee Skinner
Had my ever first podiatry appointment today. Staff are extremely helpful and very welcoming, was seen by Louis today and was very professional and gave great advice/treatment. Totally made me feel at ease.
I went to them to treat a verruca on my foot. They were very honest about the situation and they told me it will take too many sessions before we start see any results. They were very professional and very careful about looking after my foot, totally recommend them. Update, after 3 sessions using Swift my foot started to get very itchy but the verruca did not change in size at all. I called the GP and it gave me Daktacort cream. After a week, the verruca started to disappear. I continued using it once a week after that and the verruca completely disappeared. Daktacort cream is not used for verruca but it had a magic effect on it. They should start using it for verruca, less pain and less money.
CICI Salon
CICI Salon
I am very happy to have found Calvin, my feet are soft and no pain in my nails. Thank you very much!!!Recomend 100%
Rosemarie Parker
Rosemarie Parker
Best £65 I have ever spent,no more pain when I walk.will highly recommend.thank you .
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