3D Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis

At Active Feet, we use state of the art equipment which allows us to perform the leading 3D gait analysis in Edinburgh. MotionMetrix markerless 3D motion capture is a method our podiatrists use to identify abnormalities in the foot function; essentially it is a noninvasive assessment of the way in which you walk and run. Our experts then use these positions to create a computerised model which highlights your joint angles as you move. Our specialist podiatrists can then use the information collected during the running gait analysis to understand the root of any musculoskeletal injuries and come up with solutions for our patients as to preventing them in the future.

Running Gait analysis

It is common for the smallest of foot injuries to end up having a significant impact on the way we walk in the long run. The subtle change in the way we walk when experiencing foot pain can cause a chain reaction of alterations to our posture and walking mechanics. This can then lead to aches and pains as a result of these unnatural running and walking techniques. When receiving running gait analysis in Edinburgh, our podiatrists can help you to determine the biomechanical issues that started the problem in the first place and can help you devise a plan to ensure this does not become a recurring injury.

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Biomechanics is the study and analysis of gait and human movement. Here at Active Feet we observe patients for any alterations in the optimum sequence of events between the foot, the lower limb, and the rest of the body during the walking (running, cycling, skiing etc) phase. Deviations from the optimum, can lead to heel pain, foot strain, ankle, knee, hip, lower back and neck pain.

During your assessment we use the latest technology to collect data and provide the most detailed biomechanical analysis available within minutes and assists in involving you in your assessment.

With the help of orthotic devices, we can help you to walk, run and Live the Life you Love without pain. Suitably qualified professionals like us are best placed to advise you on these issues, and because we are not a ‘retailer’ the patient is always our first priority. We only offer advice based on a clinical need, not a sales target.

If you plan on attending for a biomechanical examination please remember to bring;

  • Your favourite/everyday shoes
  • Your clean running/sports shoes. If you decide to run barefoot please bring socks for running in.  
  • Any previous/old orthoses
  • A pair of shorts or leggings

At the end of your assessment a full written report will be made available to you, which will include all findings and may include copies  of images taken as part of the assessment.

After your Foot pain and injury assessment or 3D gait analysis your podiatrist may suggest that you would benefit from wearing an orthotic.

Orthotics are prescription insoles which stabilise the foot holding it in the ideal position. Re-positioning the foot alters the angles at which the foot strikes the surface. Wearing orthotics can improve corns and calluses, ankle sprains and knee, hip and back pain.

At Active Feet we work with numerous manufacturers that will supply custom orthotics to ensure that you have exactly what you need to get you back to Living the Life You Love.

At Active Feet we treat a number of sports injuries with various therapies including – biomechanical assessments, orthotic prescriptions, muscle stretching exercises, strapping, Shockwave, Cryoultrasound and Laser.

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You can also send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Appointment times vary depending on what treatment you are receiving.

As a new patient your first appointment will take approximately 45 minutes.  This allows us to do a full assessment and establish your individual foot care needs.

Going forward, a standard routine appointment lasts up to 30 minutes, depending on what your specific requirements are, this will vary.

We are happy to discuss your individual requirements via telephone or email.


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