Cryoultrasound therapy

Aids the recovery of acute sporting injuries by reducing pain, inflammation, and swelling, letting you return to live the life you love faster.

Cryoultrasound therapy is a therapeutic technique that combines the benefits of cryotherapy and ultrasound therapy. It involves the application of extremely cold temperatures, achieved through the use of a specialised cooling agent, to the targeted area while simultaneously delivering low-frequency ultrasound waves. This dual approach aims to provide a synergistic effect by reducing pain, inflammation, and swelling through cryotherapy, while also promoting tissue healing and circulation through ultrasound therapy.

One of the top reasons athletes use cryotherapy after an injury is to aid in the reduction of inflammation. Injuries, especially those involving muscles, tendons, or ligaments, often result in swelling and inflammation in the affected area. Cryotherapy, which involves the application of extreme cold temperatures, can help constrict blood vessels, decrease blood flow, and reduce the release of inflammatory substances. This process helps to minimise swelling and inflammation, which are key factors in the recovery process. By utilising cryotherapy after an injury, athletes  aim to expedite the healing process and facilitate their return to the sport as quickly as possible.

This treatment is widely used by Premiership and European Football teams.

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